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Independent retailing is by far the engine of the US economy. Despite the looming threat of Wal-Mart, the small entrepreneur moves fast and in the shoes that big box retailers cannot catch. This is what keeps small retail vibrant and a very profitable sector for millions of people across the country.

Managing a small retail business is often not as complex as it seems. If there is an issue for many small-business owners, it's that their personal resources are stretched far too thin: there is only one of them, but hundreds of tasks that need to be completed in the day.

Point Of Sale Plus understands this, and offers industry-leading point of sale software systems, with a specific focus on business management software and the optimization of the point of sale cash register. In the end, transactions are what make retailers profits. They should be as easy as possible, to ensure the most profit potential. Point Of Sale Plus offers this with the help of its business management software.

Transaction Management At Point Of Sale

Recent studies show that at least 25% of America's successful retailers are currently using older non digital cash registers or legacy computerized cash registers very little record-keeping ability. Anecdotal evidence shows that this may be upwards of 50%.

One fact that cannot be denied, is that with proper business management software and POS software for Windows, the burden of managing a business transaction by transaction is all but alleviated. Imagine an instance where you could cut your transaction times by upwards of 75%, and you have a good idea of what Point Of Sale Plus business management software can provide.

Inventory Control A Key Benefit

For most businesses, controlling inventory is a very difficult task. Employers often have to deal with not only customer shrinkage, but employee shrinkage - the worst kind of them all. With a computerized inventory control system from Point Of Sale Plus, however, tracking inventory digitally is extremely simple.

No longer is it necessary to do annual or daily inventory counts; with Point Of Sale Plus business management software, inventory is controlled at the computer level. This means that simple count can determine when and where inventory disappeared to. This is extremely critical to any business's bottom line, especially when dealing with employee shrinkage. Cutting off the ability of employees to remove inventory without permission is a key benefit to the Point Of Sale Plus inventory control and business management software system.

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Because of the high number of our customers that find us on the Web, it was important for us to develop a business management software and point of sale which is easily installable and can be used on any PC. We have done just that. We encourage you to download our point of sale software demo today and install it on your Windows PC. Trying the system up for yourself will show you just how simple it is to cut down on transaction time and save costs.

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