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Point Of Sale Cash Register

Just ten years ago, a large percentage of small businesses simply did not have personal computers. Much of record-keeping, point of sale transactions, and inventory control was done using paper records. My how times have changed. With the introduction of the Microsoft Windows PC, and relatively dramatic price cuts across the board, PCs are available for every business at extremely low prices.

Five years ago you would've never imagined that you could get a fully equipped multi-featured PC for $300. Now this is the case. And this situation has created amazing advances for the small-business owner looking for point of sale solutions and business management software.

Out With The Old Cash Register

POS software and point of sale cash registers and systems have virtually revolutionized the way small retailers do business from day to day. Older cash registers, such as those provided by National Cash Register, Sharp, and others, have become incredibly obsolete, especially when looking at what point of sale software can do. What's more, adding a point of sale to your retail environment is now cheaper than ever. In fact, you may find it may be cheaper to adopt an electronic point of sale cash register than it is to install an old-school digital readout model.

Made It With Inventory Control And Accounting Software

One of the key advantages to the Point Of Sale Plus point of sale cash register software system is that it can be mated with inventory control software, and most importantly, accounting software. Accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Peachtree have made accounting for the small-business owner a so much easier task.

But what if you could get your point of sale cash register to insert a transaction into your accounting software immediately upon entry? This would basically eliminate double entries, and make the accounting process extremely easy for your retail operation. You can, with the use of the Point Of Sale Plus software system.

Control Inventory Digitally

With the use of the Point Of Sale Plus software system, you can easily track inventory digitally. Managing inventory is never easier than this. By including daily inventory counts into your employee tasks performed at close, you can keep absolutely precise inventory counts at all times.

Additionally, you can easily spot where leakage has occurred, including who was on duty when this leakage occurred. Our retailer customers have found that this addition to their business is critical, and saves them thousands of dollars per year. Isn't it about time your retail business got this advantages well?

Free Demo Now

Trying out the Point Of Sale Plus point of sale cash register and POS software for Windows system is really as simple as clicking a mouse. While we always recommend that you call us at the toll-free number above before you adopt a point of sale solution, we also recommend that you try our software for yourself. There is no better way for you to determine whether the system is for you than to try it out on your home PC. Simply fill out a form and download the software.

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