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Point Of Sale Interface

The key benefits of the AccuPOS Retail point of sale software system are ease of use and simple installation. AccuPOS Retail is designed to seamlessly integrate with all versions of Peachtree, QuickBooks and BusinessWorks, and offers a feature-rich platform.

What's more, because it uses the interface of your current accounting software program, it is incredibly quick to learn and use. Because AccuPOS Retail enables your accounting software to complete all inventory management and accounting functions, there is no need to learn any complicated new procedures to use it. There is also no need to disable any of your accounting system's current functions, because AccuPOS is built specifically to take advantage of these functions.

In essence, what AccuPOS Retail does is read your existing inventory tracked by your accounting software, and at the end of the day, updates this inventory directly, along with all sales details. With this system, there is no need to re-enter any items. Your accounting system is updated automatically, with little or no intervention by you. It's simply the easiest, most efficient point of sale system available today!

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