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Point Of Sale FAQ

The following FAQ features some of the more common questions we field from prospective customers every day. Feel free to bookmark this important resource by pressing Control-D.

We hope that this section of our website properly addresses your questions about AccuPOS Retail, a point of sale solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks. If you have a question that is not addressed here, we certainly encourage you to contact us here. We thank you for your interest in Point Of Sale Plus and AccuPOS Retail point of sale software.

Q: What kind of user best benefits from the AccuPOS Retail point of sale system?

A: The AccuPOS Retail point of sale system was developed with small to mid-sized retail operations in mind. This particular segment of the retail market typically relies on QuickBooks, BusinessWorks or Peachtree financial accounting software to track business activities and manage their accounting. AccuPOS Retail offers a key advantage over competing products - that being that it integrates seamlessly with the aforementioned accounting systems. This integration means that no new procedures or feature sets must be learned in order to operate the system effectively. In effect, if you can operate your accounting system, you can operate AccuPOS Retail.

The AccuPOS Retail system enables merchants to quickly and easily transfer detailed sales information line by line into their Peachtree, QuickBooks or BusinessWorks financial accounting systems. This sales information is transferred with full details intact, which differs from competing systems, which typically truncate the details.

Also critical to the AccuPOS Retail system is that because it mates with your company's existing accounting software, customer details can be tracked, and invoices can be generated automatically. The system works with almost all POS hardware peripherals available today.

Q: How does AccuPOS Retail differ from my current BusinessWorks/Peachtree/QuickBooks accounting system?

A: Because AccuPOS Retail integrates with the "Big 3" small business accounting systems, it is no longer necessary to learn to operate two separate software products for your accounting and point of sale needs. This means there is also no need to learn two separate interfaces and feature sets.

Most Point Of Sale Plus customers are retailers who simply want to process sales details, collect customer information and maintain inventory using their financial accounting system, with which they already have experience using. The AccuPOS Retail system was developed to collect sales and customer details efficiently and report them directly to your financial accounting software. It truly is as simple as that. With AccuPOS, there are no redundant features, and very little training is required.

Q: I have narrowed my point of sale software down to a competing product, and AccuPOS Retail. How does AccuPOS Retail differ from that product?

A: While there are many point of sale software products currently on the market, typically the feature differences between them and AccuPOS are relatively limited.

However, the key difference between AccuPOS and competing products is that AccuPOS is the sole point of sale program on the market which reports full transaction detail to all versions of QuickBooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks. With AccuPOS Retail, there is no need to relearn accounting tasks such as inventory control, purchasing or invoicing. Instead, all inventory information and sales details are located and accessed from within your current financial software.

Q: Do I have to have QuickBooks Merchant or QuickBooks Point of Sale merchant services in order to process my customer credit cards at the point of sale?

A: Not necessarily. In fact, you can process credit card transactions with any merchant account processor you choose. AccuPOS does not require any specific merchant provider.

Q: How can I process credit card transactions using AccuPOS Retail point of sale?

A: The AccuPOS Retail point of sale system interfaces with all major credit card processing machines offered by any bank in the United States. This means you can use whichever credit card processor you prefer, and you do not have to make any changes in order to use AccuPOS Retail.

Q: I am currently using another point of sale program, but am dissatisfied with it. Is there any way I can transfer all of my details into the AccuPOS Retail point of sale system?

A: Because AccuPOS Retail utilizes inventory details from within your financial accounting software, it is possible to easily change point of sale systems. If your current accounting software can export customer and inventory details from your current point of sale system, it is possible to import it into your accounting system.

Q: How does AccuPOS Retail manage inventory counts and details?

A: Because it was developed to integrate seamlessly with BusinessWorks, Peachtree and QuickBooks, AccuPOS Retail does not duplicate these programs' features. Thus, inventory management can be handled within your accounting program, just as you may be managing inventory currently.

The AccuPOS system seamlessly reports what items are sold, at what price and to what customers (if customer tracking is enabled), and then adjusts inventory, updates sales accounts and posts tendering totals to your undeposited funds category. All of this is done automatically, and there is no additional module required to ensure this process is completed.

Q: Do I require a specific version of QuickBooks/Peachtree/BusinessWorks in order to run the AccuPOS Retail system?

A: Not necessarily. The AccuPOS Retail system works seamlessly with any version of QuickBooks from 6.0 on via IIF, and 2002 and up via IIF and XML. As well, the system works seamlessly with BusinessWorks V3.03 and up and V12. If you would like to ask us about compatibility, please contact us here.

Q: How many point of sale stations can I run the AccuPOS Retail system on?

A: AccuPOS Retail can work with as many stations as your business requires. But, you must purchase separate, inexpensive station licenses, one for each station.

Q: Do I have to run AccuPOS Retail on the same system as is running my accounting software?

A: No, but if you are using QuickBooks 2002 with the XML interface, you must. But, with this version, you do not necessarily have to run QuickBooks at the same time.

Q: Can I run AccuPOS at my place of business, but run my accounting software from another office, or from home?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I run AccuPOS Retail at my store, but have my accounting software elsewhere, such as an office or my home?

A: Yes. Sales details can be gathered from anywhere.

Q: Does my accounting software have to be running simultaneously to run AccuPOS?

A: No.

Q: Because AccuPOS Retail shares information with my accounting system, does it give my employees access to my books?

A: Absolutely not. As we noted above, your accounting software need not be on the same machine as AccuPOS in order to function. And, even if you decide to put AccuPOS on the same machine as your accounting software, AccuPOS has user group definitions, which enables you to exclude any or all subusers from opening other programs.

Q: Will AccuPOS Retail work with my current point of sale hardware?

A: Yes. The AccuPOS Retail point of sale system is compatible with almost all point of sale peripherals. If you do not currently have a system and require one, please contact us here for a systems quote. If necessary, we can easily provide you with an inexpensive system that is fully compatible with AccuPOS Retail.

Q: Will my accountant need a copy of AccuPOS Retail in order to do my taxes?

A: No. With AccuPOS Retail, all information is transferred to your accounting system in full detail. So, your accountant will only need your financial software file.

Q: How can I find out more about the AccuPOS Retail Point Of Sale system?

A: To find out more about Point Of Sale Plus and AccuPOS Retail, please call the above toll free number between 9am and 5pm PST during business hours, Monday to Friday. Our representatives will be glad to recommend a solution based on your individual business requirements. Also, check out the flash demo here. Or, contact us here, or download a demonstration copy of AccuPOS or AccuCount Inventory by filling out this form.

Q: How do I get support for my AccuPOS Retail system?

A: The AccuPOS Retail technical support line is available 24 hours per day at But, this support line is available only to customers with support plans. More details about our support plans are available here.

Q: Will I need to purchase another copy for my other locations? What about when adding new point of sale stations?

A: AccuPOS is licensed on a one copy per location basis, which means you must purchase a license for each and every location your business requires the software. However, you may run as many stations per location as you like for only $210 per station.

Q: I am in the midst of opening a new location, which will have new stations. How does this affect my current AccuPOS Retail setup?

A: You will need to call for additional licenses, but you may add as many stations or locations as required.

Q: Can I continue the transaction sequence already started in my current accounting software?

A: Yes. AccuPOS offers the ability to specify whatever numbering sequence you need whenever a new file is commenced. As an example, if your last transaction is 1024, you may start AccuPOS Retail at 1025.

Q: How difficult is AccuPOS Retail to install and use?

A: AccuPOS Retail is very simple to use, in part because it was developed to seamlessly integrate with your company's current accounting software system. This means that there is no need to relearn any accounting functions in order to use the system.

Additionally, because it resembles a manual cash register in operation, it is simple to train employees to use. With the system, you need merely scan the item, total, tender and move on to your next customer. It's one of the most simple, yet robust systems available today!

Q: Can I track customer transactions with the AccuPOS Retail system?

A: Absolutely. AccuPOS lets you quickly import customer details from BusinessWorks and QuickBooks and add any other new customer details in real time. If the transaction is cash, you can post it as a cash sale to a specific customer. If the transaction is on account, it will be posted as a detailed invoice. This function lets you call up sales reports by customer quickly and easily.

Q: Can I set reminders to automatically tell me when to reorder certain products?

A: Yes. You can set reminder points in Peachtree, QuickBooks or BusinessWorks which will automatically remind you when product is low.

Q: Tell me about AccuPOS Retail's security features?

A: The AccuPOS Retail point of sale system comes with robust security features which enable you to restrict certain information from certain users. This is accomplished through user groups, which can be assigned individual security levels so that only certain users can access certain details. This way, you can ensure that a clerk, assistant manager and other employees have different access levels, depending on their role within your organization.

Q: Do I have to buy AccuCount for AccuPOS Retail to function properly?

A: Absolutely not. AccuCount Inventory is a totally optional product which enables QuickBooks users to greatly lessen the total time and resources necessary for full inventory counts. With AccuCount and a simple portable scanner, you can make full adjustments to your inventory instantly. In effect, AccuCount accomplishes in a few hours what used to take a number of days.

Did this FAQ answer your question? If it did not, please feel free to contact one of our representatives with this form. Alternatively, feel free to request a demonstration copy of our software here.

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