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Posiflex PT7000


The powerful PST7000 POS Cash Register carries the Intel® 500MHz Celeron™ CPU and an abundance of unique features for which POSIFLEX is renowned. Covered service openings provide easy access to jumpers, RTC Battery, HDD and memory. These openings also allow access to an internal IDE connector, minimizing the labor needed for software serviceability.

Modular double and quad key design allows positioning anywhere on the keyboard. The PST-7000 POS Cash Register supports dual independent video output, and it's built in UPS helps to prevent problems caused by unexpected power loss.

The PST7000 provides the features and power to take you into the 21st century.

Key Features:
Built-in UPS regulates power to ensure data integrity (Battery Optional).
Software controlled power switch prevents accidental power-off.
Monitor mounting base allows wide movement and quick installation / release.
Special steel rod design permits easy cover removal and additional security.
Double and Quad key module design allows horizontal or vertical placement and easy movement anywhere on the keyboard.
Key lock to protect unauthorized access to data input devices.
LCD display bracket allows for tilt, rotation and left-right movement of the display.
Cable management design keeps cables neatly organized.
Shock-absorbing customer display.
Low printer platform accommodates any kind of printer.
112-key standard or 136-key (QWERTY) programmable keyboard option.

We encourage you to contact us about your Cash Register and Point of Sale needs today. Our knowledgeable sales staff are always pleased to handle any inquiries.

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